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AzQtComponents::TabWidget Class Reference

A container for other widgets that provides a tab bar to switch between them. More...

#include <TabWidget.h>

Inherits QTabWidget.

Inherited by AzQtComponents::DockTabWidget.


struct  Config
 Style configuration for tab widgets. More...

Public Member Functions

 TabWidget (QWidget *parent=nullptr)
 TabWidget (TabWidgetActionToolBar *actionToolBar, QWidget *parent=nullptr)
void setCustomTabBar (TabBar *tabBar)
 Sets a custom tab bar overriding the default one.
void setActionToolBar (TabWidgetActionToolBar *actionToolBar)
 Adds or replaces the action toolbar of the widget. Implicitly sets actionToolBarEnabled.
TabWidgetActionToolBaractionToolBar () const
 Returns the action toolbar, or nullptr if not set.
void setActionToolBarVisible (bool visible=true)
bool isActionToolBarVisible () const
 Returns true if the action toolbar is visible.
void setOverflowButtonSpacing (bool enable)
 Enables extra space between the tabs and the action toolbar to allow easier dragging.
void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *resizeEvent) override
 Overrides the QTabWidget resizeEvent function to account for tab sizing.

Static Public Member Functions

static void applySecondaryStyle (TabWidget *tabWidget, bool bordered=true)
static Config loadConfig (QSettings &settings)
static Config defaultConfig ()
 Gets the default tab widget style configuration.

Protected Member Functions

void tabInserted (int index) override
void tabRemoved (int index) override


bool actionToolBarVisible
 Visibility of the action toolbar.


class Style

Detailed Description

A container for other widgets that provides a tab bar to switch between them.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TabWidget()

AzQtComponents::TabWidget::TabWidget ( TabWidgetActionToolBar actionToolBar,
QWidget *  parent = nullptr 

Alternate constructor to pre-populate the action toolbar.

actionToolBarThe action toolbar to show. Implicitly sets actionToolBarEnabled.
parentThe parent widget.

Member Function Documentation

◆ applySecondaryStyle()

static void AzQtComponents::TabWidget::applySecondaryStyle ( TabWidget tabWidget,
bool  bordered = true 

Applies the "Secondary" style class to a TabWidget. @guidepage uidev-tab-component.html

◆ loadConfig()

static Config AzQtComponents::TabWidget::loadConfig ( QSettings &  settings)

Sets the tab widget style configuration.

settingsThe settings object to load the configuration from.
The new configuration of the tab widget.

◆ setActionToolBarVisible()

void AzQtComponents::TabWidget::setActionToolBarVisible ( bool  visible = true)

Sets the visibility of the action toolbar. If none is set, it creates and displays a default one.

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