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AzQtComponents::LineEdit Class Reference

Class to handle styling and painting of QLineEdit widgets. More...

#include <LineEdit.h>


struct  Config
 Style configuration for the LineEdit class. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void applySearchStyle (QLineEdit *lineEdit)
 Applies the "Search" style class to a QLineEdit.
static void removeSearchStyle (QLineEdit *lineEdit)
 Removes the "Search" style class from a QLineEdit.
static void applyDropTargetStyle (QLineEdit *lineEdit, bool valid)
static void removeDropTargetStyle (QLineEdit *lineEdit)
 Removes the "DropTarget" style class from a QLineEdit.
static Config loadConfig (QSettings &settings)
static Config defaultConfig ()
 Gets the default LineEdit style configuration.
static void setErrorMessage (QLineEdit *lineEdit, const QString &error)
static void setExternalError (QLineEdit *lineEdit, bool hasExternalError)
static void setErrorIconEnabled (QLineEdit *lineEdit, bool enabled)
static bool errorIconEnabled (QLineEdit *lineEdit)
 Returns true if the error icon will be shown if an error state is detected.
static QToolButton * getClearButton (const QLineEdit *lineEdit)
static void setEnableClearButtonWhenReadOnly (QLineEdit *lineEdit, bool enabled)
 Enables the clear button to be displayed on read-only LineEdits. Default value is false.


class BrowseEdit
class Style

Detailed Description

Class to handle styling and painting of QLineEdit widgets.

Member Function Documentation

◆ applyDropTargetStyle()

static void AzQtComponents::LineEdit::applyDropTargetStyle ( QLineEdit *  lineEdit,
bool  valid 

Applies the "DropTarget" style class to a QLineEdit.

validWhether the QLineEdit is a valid drop target or not.

◆ getClearButton()

static QToolButton * AzQtComponents::LineEdit::getClearButton ( const QLineEdit *  lineEdit)

Returns a pointer to the QToolButton created when QLineEdit::setClearButtonEnabled(true) is called. Returns nullptr if the clear button has not been created yet.

◆ loadConfig()

static Config AzQtComponents::LineEdit::loadConfig ( QSettings &  settings)

Sets the LineEdit style configuration.

settingsThe settings object to load the configuration from.
The new configuration of the LineEdit.

◆ setErrorIconEnabled()

static void AzQtComponents::LineEdit::setErrorIconEnabled ( QLineEdit *  lineEdit,
bool  enabled 

Sets whether an error icon and message should be displayed when the LineEdit is in an error state. Default value is true.

◆ setErrorMessage()

static void AzQtComponents::LineEdit::setErrorMessage ( QLineEdit *  lineEdit,
const QString &  error 

Sets the message to display in a tooltip if the QLineEdit validator detects an error.

◆ setExternalError()

static void AzQtComponents::LineEdit::setExternalError ( QLineEdit *  lineEdit,
bool  hasExternalError 

Set external error state. The global error state is calculated by an OR operation between external error state, validator and inputMask.

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