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AzQtComponents::FancyDocking Class Reference

#include <FancyDocking.h>

Inherits QWidget.


struct  TabContainerType
struct  WidgetGrab

Public Member Functions

 FancyDocking (DockMainWindow *mainWindow, const char *identifierPrefix="fancydocking")
bool restoreState (const QByteArray &layout_data)
QByteArray saveState ()
bool restoreDockWidget (QDockWidget *dock)
DockTabWidgettabifyDockWidget (QDockWidget *dropTarget, QDockWidget *dropped, QMainWindow *mainWindow, WidgetGrab *droppedGrab=nullptr)
void setAbsoluteCornersForDockArea (QMainWindow *mainWindow, Qt::DockWidgetArea area)
void makeDockWidgetFloating (QDockWidget *dock, const QRect &geometry)
void splitDockWidget (QMainWindow *mainWindow, QDockWidget *target, QDockWidget *dropped, Qt::Orientation orientation)
void disableAutoSaveLayout (QDockWidget *dock)
void enableAutoSaveLayout (QDockWidget *dock)
bool IsDockWidgetBeingDragged (QDockWidget *dock)
DockTabWidgetcreateTabWidget (QMainWindow *mainWindow, QDockWidget *widgetToReplace, QString name=QString())

Protected Member Functions

bool eventFilter (QObject *watched, QEvent *event) override

Detailed Description

This class implements the Visual Studio docking style for a QMainWindow. To use is, just create an instance of this class and give the QMainWindow as a parent.

One should use saveState/restoreState/restoreDockWidget on the instance if this class rather than directly on the QMainWindow.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ FancyDocking()

AzQtComponents::FancyDocking::FancyDocking ( DockMainWindow mainWindow,
const char *  identifierPrefix = "fancydocking" 


[in]mainWindowthe window to apply the fancy docking to
[in]identifierPrefixprefix to use for properties on widgets/windows to flag them as owned by this instance of the FancyDocking manager. Can be anything, as long as it is unique

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