Get started with Open 3D Engine!

Welcome to Open 3D Engine (O3DE)!

O3DE is an open-source, cross-platform, real time 3D engine that you can use to create high performance interactive experiences, including games and simulations. Check out the video below for a quick overview of some of O3DE’s biggest features. Then, read on to get set up and start creating with O3DE!

Get Started Guide Contents

O3DE featuresAn overview of O3DE’s feature set.
Key conceptsHow does O3DE work? Understand O3DE at a high level.
Supported platformsA list of host platforms and target platforms supported by O3DE.
O3DE system requirementsThe hardware and software you need to use O3DE.
Set up O3DEInstall O3DE and set up your environment.
Project creationCreate your first O3DE project.
Workflow toursGet a closer look at the common areas of interest in O3DE for each creative role on a project. Take a quick tour of O3DE Editor-the primary workspace in O3DE.
Community supportNeed help? Want to discuss O3DE? Join our communities!

Get Started Tutorials

Create your first game: Pong!Start from a new O3DE project and build your first game: Pong! What’s “Pong”? Two paddles square off, in a ball-based battle to land the highest score. This tutorial series will introduce you to basic game UI development, scripting, and controls in O3DE.

For more detailed docs, check out the Open 3D Engine User Guide.