Open 3D Engine’s (O3DE) graphics features are integrated using the Atom renderer, a high performance, physically based rendering engine. Atom provides the following features:

  • Ray tracing to produce detailed, authentic environments.
  • Physically based rendering to achieve real-world lighting.
  • Modern post-processing effects to enhance the game experience.
  • Forward+ rendering, with support for deferred rendering in the future.

Atom has a unified interface which supports multiple platforms and graphics APIs:

  • DirectX 12 or Vulkan on Windows
  • Metal on macOS and iOS
  • Vulkan on Linux

The following sections in the Atom guide provide more detail about the graphics features in O3DE.

MaterialsCreate PBR materials with global illumination support using Atom’s Material Editor.
ShadersCreate shaders using Atom’s shading language, AZSL.
Atom Gem ComponentsAdd mesh, lighting, and a variety of post-processing effects using components provided by the Atom Gem.
ParticlesProduce particle effects using PopcornFX integrated into Atom.