Director (Scene) Node

The Director (Scene) node includes a camera track that specifies the active camera for a track view sequence. You can add sequence-specific nodes (for example, Depth of Field or Comment) under the Director node to override the same nodes that were set at the sequence level.

To add a Director node in the Track View

  1. In O3DE Editor, choose Tools, Track View.

  2. In the Track View, click the Add Sequence Add Sequence Icon icon.

  3. In the Add New Sequence dialog box, enter a name for your sequence and click OK.

  4. Right-click your sequence and choose Add Director (Scene) Node.

  5. Right-click the Director node and click Add Track.

    Add the Director node in the Track View to manage your track view sequence.

  6. Select the track and double-click to position the key on its highlighted row in the timeline.

  7. Double-click the green marker, and under Key Properties, enter a value for Value.

    You can add the following tracks and then set the key properties to the Director node. Director Node Tracks and Key Properties

You can add multiple Director nodes to a scene, but only one Director node can be active. To change the active Director node, right-click the node and choose Set as Active Director. When you deactivate a Director node, all child node animations are deactivated. This is useful when you want to enable and disable animation for specific objects within the same track view sequence.