Console Variable Node

Use the Console Variable node to use and animate console variables in a track view sequence.

To add a console variable node in Track View

  1. In the Track View, right-click either the sequence (top node) or the Director node in the tree as applicable, and then click Add Console Variable. Type a name for it and click OK.

  2. At the bottom of O3DE Editor, right-click the text box in the Console window, which opens up the Console Variables window that displays a list of all available console variables.

  3. Pause on the desired console variable to get a tool tip that gives a description and valid values to use.

  4. In the Track View select the value key listed under the console variable node.

  5. To position a key, double-click the preferred location on its highlighted row in the timeline. Double-click the green marker, and then under Key Properties enter a value for Value.

To animate a console variable

  1. In the Track View click View, Curve Editor.

  2. Click Set In Tangent To Step button (located third button from the left above the timeline window) to set the keyframes for the console variable.