Track View Editor Toolbars

See the following main sections of the Track View:

  1. Main toolbar - Tools to create and modify sequences and the tracks in a sequence. The main toolbar includes the Sequence/Node, View, Play, Keys, and Tracks toolbars. To add or remove toolbars, right-click the main toolbar and select your preferred options.

  2. Node browser - Tree pane of all nodes and associated tracks. Nodes can be in reference to existing component entities or nodes that you can add to a sequence such as a Director Node.

  3. Track Editor - Track timeline of all node tracks specified for animation keys. Each row in the timeline corresponds to a track listed in the node browser.

  4. Key properties - Pane that shows more information for a selected animation key. It also provides information about the key number on the track and its location in the timeline, in seconds. Common properties are color (RGB) values and floats.

  5. Curve Editor - Pane for controlling keys and their interpolation for all sequence nodes. The Curve Editor provides more control over easing in or out of curves, setting some curves to be linear, and so on, depending on your animation requirements.

    For more information, see Using Animation Curves.

    You can pause over buttons in the Track View to view their descriptions.

Track View toolbar.