Visualization Systems in Open 3D Engine

In Open 3D Engine (O3DE), you can bring actors to life with complex animated behaviors, create engaging cinematic sequences, and visualize your creations in stunning realism with O3DE’s physically based renderer Atom. The topics in this section cover the concepts, tools, and processes used to achieve your creative vision.

Animation OverviewWith Animation Editor, you can visually construct complex animation behaviors and transitions using animation graphs. Behaviors can be driven and blended with events and states. Animation Editor also has tools you can use to create simulated objects and cloth colliders so that objects and clothing dynamically react to actor animation.
CinematicsWith Track View, you can create cinematics or entire movies rendered in real time with complete control over multiple cameras. You can also add scripted sequences with behaviors, animations, effects, and more, that are camera independent and triggered by events such as input or predefined states.
RenderingAtom Renderer provides O3DE with a high performance, cross-platform, physically based renderer. Atom also includes tools you can use to add lights, process images, create materials, and add post process effects. With AZSL, Atom’s shader language, you have fine control of the rendering process.
EnvironmentsO3DE provides tools to create dense, vibrant environments. The dynamic vegetation system can procedurally populate landscapes with vegetation that responds to actors and other dynamic entities. The terrain system can generate large-scale terrain that interfaces with O3DE’s physics system.