Deleting Nodes in Script Canvas

Script Canvas offers several ways to delete nodes.

To delete one or more nodes and their connections

  1. Select the node or nodes that you want to delete.

  2. Perform one of the following steps.

    • Press Delete.
    • Right-click, and then choose Delete.

To delete a single node

  • On the node that you want to delete, press Alt+Left-click. If the deleted node was connected to one other node, the connection is deleted. If the deleted node was connected to two other nodes, the remaining nodes connect to each other.

    Using Alt+Left-click to delete a node in Script Canvas Editor.

    You cannot use Alt+Left-click to delete more than one node at a time.

To remove all unused nodes in a graph

  • In Script Canvas Editor, choose Edit, Remove Unused, Nodes.

    Removing all unused nodes from a graph in the Script Canvas Editor.