Adding New Fonts

For each new font to add, you need the following files:

  • A font asset - True Type Font (.ttf) or Open Type Font (.otf) file
  • A font .font file describing the asset {#create-font-xml-file}

To add a new font to your UI

  1. Save the font asset (.ttf or .otf file) to your game project directory, such as dev\SamplesProject\Font.

  2. Copy an existing font .font file into your game project Font directory. The following directories (included in the O3DE project) contain font .font files for reference:

    • dev\Engine\Fonts\
    • dev\SamplesProject\Fonts\
  3. Change the .font file name (leave the .font extension unchanged). Use any file name that is descriptive and appropriate for your purposes.

  4. Open the .font file and edit the following line to point to your font asset file name.

    <font path="yourFont.ttf" w="512" h="256"/>

After the Asset Processor has processed your font assets, you can select your font by loading the font .font file in the UI Editor for any text component.