Sliced Image Type

O3DE uses slice resizing to resize certain images intelligently. For example, using regular resizing to widen the following image results in distortion of the corners and edges.

Image with corner detail.

Scaled without slice scaling.

Slice resizing divides an image into nine sections that scale in such a way as to preserve border and corner details. This technique avoids the distortion that occurs with typical image scaling.

Each area is resized as follows:

  • The center is resized both horizontally and vertically
  • The corners aren’t resized at all
  • The top and bottom edges are resized horizontally only
  • The right and left edges are resized vertically only

Slice resizing is useful for images with borders and corner details, such as buttons with rounded corners.

Scaling of each section in slice scaling.

Scaled with slice scaling.

Using the Sprite Editor, you can manipulate where the sections are by dragging the dotted lines on the preview image.

You can see your changes in real time. To do this, before you open the Sprite Editor, change the Image component’s ImageType property to Sliced.

Select Sliced as your ImageType.

Preview your sliced image.