Tweener Parameters

Scripted Entity Tweener parameters provide flexibility and allow you to customize your tweener animations. Use the parameters with a timeline for a variety of possibilities.

Use the following tweener parameters to customize your animation.

duration Specifies the time in seconds for the animation to go from the start value to its final value.

[“x”] and [“y”] Shortcuts for the x and y values of a UiTransform2dComponent, which is automatically attached to every UI entity.

timeIntoTween Specifies a tween to begin at a specified point (in seconds). For example, if the duration is set to 6, and timeIntoTween is set to 3, then the tween begins immediately at its halfway point and finishes in three more seconds.

easeMethod Specifies the easing type to apply to the tween.

  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Linear
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Quad
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Cubic
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Quart
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Quint
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Sine
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Expo
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Circ
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Elastic
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Back
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingMethod_Bounce

easeType Modifies easeMethod.

  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingType_In
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingType_Out
  • ScriptedEntityTweenerEasingType_InOut

delay Specifies an amount of time in seconds to delay the start of the animation.

timesToPlay Number of times to play the animation. Specify -1 to play the animation indefinitely.

isFrom If false, the animation starts at the value specified in the component and ends at the value specified in the script. If true, the animation starts at the value specified in the script and ends at the value specified in the component.

isPlayingBackward If true, the animation plays backwards. To play an animation backward, you must specify a value for timeIntoTween. If a value is not specified for timeIntoTween, this parameter is ignored.

uuid ID generated by the Scripted Entity Tweener system and used for debugging purposes. You do not need to modify or specify a value.

onComplete, onUpdate, and onLoop Use these parameters to specify a callback function when the animation completes, updates, or loops. onUpdate also passes back the animation’s current completion state percentage and the current value of the animated parameter.