Recording Animation Data

Recording animation typically involves three steps:

  1. Create a new animation sequence.

  2. Add a UI element to that sequence.

  3. Turn on animation recording to capture changes in the element properties.

Adding a UI element also adds a node to the sequence. After that any time that you enter record mode, a track is automatically added to your animation for any change you make to this UI element. You do not need to manually add tracks. For more information, see Using the Node Pane.

You can create an animation sequence from the Animation Editor menu or toolbar.

To create a new animation sequence In the Animation Editor, do one of the following:

  • From the Sequence menu, choose New Sequence.
  • Click the Add Sequence icon on the toolbar.

To add a UI element to the sequence

  1. In the UI Editor, select the UI element that you want to animate.

  2. In the Animation Editor, right-click the sequence that you created and click Add Selected UI Element(s).

To record an animation sequence

  1. In the Animation Editor toolbar, click the Record icon.

  2. In the UI Editor, use either the Properties pane or viewport pane to make changes to the selected UI element.

  3. After making all changes, click the Stop icon in the Animation Editor toolbar.

In the current release, not all component properties can be recorded. For example, enumerated values, such as the image type of an image component, cannot be animated.

After you record a track, it appears beneath its UI element. The node pane lists your current animation sequences. For more information on the Node Pane, see Using the Node Pane