In this section, you will learn helpful hints and what to check when your robotics simulation in Open 3D Engine (O3DE) is not working as expected. You will also find solutions for some of the most commonly occurring problems.

If you don’t find your problem covered here, try searching the issues and discussions in o3de-extras repo or asking in the #sig-simulation channel of the O3DE Discord .

Is it a ROS 2 issue?

Look into error messages and logs

  • Check the console outputs for errors.
  • Look into the Editor logs. From the Project folder, check user/log/Editor.log.

Check your ROS configuration

Correct installation

Is your ROS 2 installed? Is it sourced properly? Was it also true when your project was built? Check ROS_DISTRO and AMENT_PREFIX_PATH.

  • echo $ROS_DISTRO should show non-empty value, for example humble.
  • echo $AMENT_PREFIX_PATH should include your ROS 2 distribution installation path as well as any additional workspaces you have sourced (if any).
  • If you are using ROS services in your project, make sure that the RMW_IMPLEMENTATION environment variable is the same on the both ends (check in each).

Node and topic visibility

If your simulation is running, you should see both ROS node(s) and topics.

  • Run ros2 node list. You should see at least /o3de_ros2_node.
  • Run ros2 topic list to list the topics. You should always see /parameters and /rosout.
    • You should see additional topics such as /clock and /tf if your simulation is running.

Message traffic

  • Is there traffic on ROS 2 topics? When your simulation is running, messages should be published.
    • Check ros2 topic hz or ros2 topic echo. If you are seeing no traffic it could be caused by a firewall, disabled multicast or issues with your docker (if running from a docker).
    • Please refer to the Troubleshooting guide.

ROS 2 troubleshooting guide

For additional solution, refer to ROS 2’s Installation troubleshooting page.

Is it a Gem or O3DE issue?

If your debugging confirm that the issue is with either the ROS 2 Gem or O3DE, please help the community by raising an issue in o3de-extras or o3de repos. First, please check the list of reported issues to avoid duplicates.

Even better, help us to fix it and make the open source simulation for robotics better for everyone. Follow the Contribution Guide to learn how to submit fixes and improvements.