Robotics Overview

The ROS 2 Gem helps to build robotic simulations with ROS 2 / Robot Operating System .

The ROS 2 Gem contains a number of components to build robotic simulations, such as sensors, controllers of different types of drives, manipulator arms, and dynamic spawning of robots. It also comes with plenty of utilities.


There are several Gems to power robotic simulations with Open 3D Engine (O3DE).

  • ROS 2 Gem, the central and the most important one. It provides most features and other robotics Gems depend on it.
  • Project Templates for Robotics and connected Asset Gems. These provide a good starting point for simulation development and a set of assets to use.
  • 3rd party Gems:


There are three templates for robotics:

  • ROS 2 project template :
    • A simple interior scene with ROSBot XL robot:
    • It is the most lightweight and basic robotic project template.
    • The project starts with a differential drive (skid steering) robot.
  • Warehouse project template :
    • A photorealistic warehouse with a Proteus robot.
    • Easily customizable, extendable environment.
    • It is easy to add more robots using the included spawning component.
  • Manipulation project template :
    • Two levels: Manipulation R&D and Palletization.
    • Suitable for use-cases with robotic arms.
    • Two robotic arm models, two kinds of grippers and items for manipulation are included.


There are open-source project demonstrating what can be done with the ROS 2 Gem: