Open 3D Engine (O3DE) provides several Gems that you can use to simulate physics. With the PhysX Gem you can create PhysX colliders for collision detection and rigid body simulation, triggers for script events, and force regions to localize forces such as wind. The NVIDIA Cloth Gem provides tools to simulate cloth and create cloth properties and constraints. The PhysX Debug Gem provides debugging and visualization tools for PhysX colliders and simulation.

NVIDIA PhysXLearn about the PhysX tools you can use to create colliders and triggers, as well as components and functionality that simulate physics.
NVIDIA ClothLearn about the cloth mesh modifier that generates cloth meshes, how to set cloth properties and constraints, as well as the components and functionality that simulate cloth.
Debugging PhysXThe PhysX Debug Gem includes several console variables (CVARS) and an Immediate Mode GUI (IMGUI) overlay that you can use to visualize and debug PhysX simulations.