Audio Console Variables

The following console variables can be used with the O3DE audio system.

s_ATLMemorySizeSpecifies in KB the size of the memory pool to be used by the audio translation layer (ATL).
Default values: PC = 8192, Mac = 8192, Linux = 8192, iOS = 8192, Android = 4096
s_AudioEventPoolSizeSets the number of preallocated audio events.
Default values: PC = 512, Mac = 512, iOS = 128, Android = 128
s_AudioObjectsDebugFilterFilters debug drawing to only audio objects whose name matches a string.
Default: "" (all)
Example: s_AudioObjectsDebugFilter=weapon_axe
s_AudioObjectPoolSizeSets the number of preallocated audio objects and corresponding audio proxies.
Default values: PC = 1024, Mac = 2048, iOS = 256, Android = 256
s_AudioProxiesInitTypeCan override on a global scale. If set, it determines whether AudioProxies initialize synchronously or asynchronously. This is a performance variable, as asynchronously initializing AudioProxies has a greatly reduced impact on the calling thread. When set to initialize asynchronously, audio playback is delayed.
Values: 0 = AudioProxy-specific initialization; 1 = Initialize synchronously; 2 = Initialize asynchronously
Default: 0 (all platforms)
s_AudioTriggersDebugFilterFilters debug drawing to only audio triggers that match a string.
Default: "" (all)
Example: s_AudioTriggersDebugFilter=impact_hit
s_DrawAudioDebugDraws AudioTranslationLayer related debug data to the screen. Flags can be combined.
  • 0: No audio debug info on the screen
  • a: Draw spheres around active audio objects
  • b: Show text labels for active audio objects
  • c: Show trigger names for active audio objects
  • d: Show current states for active audio objects
  • e: Show RTPC values for active audio objects
  • f: Show Environment amounts for active audio objects
  • g: Draw occlusion rays
  • h: Show occlusion ray labels
  • i: Draw sphere around active audio listener
  • v: List active Events
  • w: List active Audio Objects
  • x: Show FileCache Manager debug info
  • y: Show memory pool usage info for the audio impl
Default: "" (all)
Example: s_DrawAudioDebug abc
s_EnableRaycastsSet to true/false to globally enable/disable raycasting for audio occlusion & obstruction.
Default: true
s_FileCacheManagerDebugFilterAllows for filtered display of the different AFCM entries such as Globals, Level Specifics, and Volatiles. Flags can be combined.
Values: a = Globals; b = Level Specifics; c = Game Hints; d = Currently Loaded
Default: "" (all)
s_FileCacheManagerMemorySizeSets the size in KB that the AFCM allocates on the heap.
Default values: PC = 393216, Mac = 393216, Linux = 393216, iOS = 2048, Android = 73728
s_IgnoreWindowFocusIf set to true, the sound system continues to play when the Editor or Game window loses focus.
Default: false (off)
s_PositionUpdateThresholdAn audio object has to move by at least this amount to issue a position update request to the audio system.
Default: 0.1 (10 cm)
s_RaycastCacheTimeMsPhysics raycast results are given this amount of time before they are considered dirty and need to be recast.
Default: 250.0
s_RaycastMaxDistanceRaycasts for obstruction/occlusion are not sent for sounds whose distance to the listener is greater than this value.
Default: 100.0
s_RaycastMinDistanceRaycasts for obstruction/occlusion are not sent for sounds whose distance to the listener is less than this value.
Default: 0.5
s_RaycastSmoothFactorHow slowly the smoothing of obstruction/occlusion values should smooth to target: delta / (smoothFactor^2 + 1).
Low values will smooth faster; high values will smooth slower.
Default: 7.0
s_ShowActiveAudioObjectsOnlyDetermines whether only the active audio objects or all audio objects should be drawn when debug drawing is enabled.
Default: false (draw all audio objects)
s_VelocityTrackingThresholdAn audio object has to change its velocity by at least this amount to issue an object_speed RTPC update request to the audio system.
Default: 0.1 (10 cm/s)