UI Canvas Proxy Ref Component

With the UI Canvas Proxy Ref component, you can reference a UI canvas that a different entity manages. Use this component in conjunction with the UI Canvas on Mesh component if you want to place a UI canvas on a Mesh or Actor component that a player can interact with in multple places in a level.


Use of this component is often a special case, as it supports displaying the same UI canvas on multiple entities in the 3D world. The UI Canvas Proxy Ref component allows the entity that it is on to act as if it had a UI Canvas Asset Ref component but without having to load another copy of the UI canvas. This means that, as the user interacts with one UI canvas on a 3D object, the other 3D object shows the same changes.

The following picture shows three entities that share the same loaded canvas. The curved plane entity has a UI Canvas Asset Ref component and the egg and the sphere both have UI Canvas Proxy Ref components:

Three entities with shared canvas

For more information, refer to Placing UI Canvases in the 3D World.


LyShine Gem

UI Canvas Proxy Ref properties

UI Canvas Proxy Ref properties

Canvas Asset Ref entitySelects an entity with a UI Canvas Asset Ref component.EntityIdNone


Method NameDescriptionParameterReturnScriptable
SetCanvasRefEntitySets a target entity with a UI canvas to associate with the current entity.Target Entity: EntityId, Current Entity: EntityIdNoneYes


Method NameDescriptionParameterReturnScriptable
OnCanvasRefChangedNotifies listeners that the canvas reference has changed.NoneOld Reference: EntityId, New Reference: EntityIdYes

For more information, see Working with the Event Bus (EBus) system.