White Box Collider Component

You can enable collision on white box meshes in Open 3D Engine (O3DE) by adding the White Box Collider component to an entity that has a White Box component mesh. The White Box Collider component supports collision layers and physics materials. It can be used with static and kinematic white box meshes. The White Box Collider component uses the white box mesh as the collision surface. Unlike the PhysX Primitive Collider or PhysX Mesh Collider components, there is no need to specify a collision shape or provide a PhysX mesh asset.

White Box static collider.

In the image above, the White Box Collider component is added to an entity with a static White Box component. You can test for changes in collision immediately after editing the white box mesh.


White Box Gem


White Box component

White Box Collider properties

White Box Collider component interface.

Collision LayerThe collision layer that’s assigned to the collider. For more information, see Collision Layers.Default
Collides WithThe collision group containing the layers that this collider collides with. For more information, see Collision Groups.All
Physics MaterialsChoose a physics material for this white box collider.A .physxmaterial asset assigned.(default)
TagSet a tag for this collider. Tags can be used to quickly identify components in script or code.Crc32None
Rest offsetBodies will come to rest separated by the sum of their Rest offset values. Must be less than Contact offset.-Infinity to 50.00.0
Contact offsetBodies will begin to generate contacts when within the sum of their Contact offset values. Must be greater than Rest offset0.0 - 50.00.02
Body TypeSelect Static for non-moving entities. Select Kinematic for animated entities. The White Box collider must be set to Static to interact with the PhysX Character Controller.Static, KinematicStatic