Input Component

Use the Input component to bind raw input to events in your game. The Input component references an .inputbindings file, which binds a set of inputs (such as from a mouse, keyboard, game controller) to an event.


Starting Point Input Gem

Input properties

Input component properties

Input to event bindingsReferences an .inputbindings file that defines the bindings of raw input to events.Inputbinding AssetNone
Local player indexSets the player index to receive input events from. If set to -1, this Input component receives input events from all controllers. If set to 0 to 3, this Input component receives input from a single controller.-1 to 3-1
The Local player index property will only be functional on platforms where Local player index corresponds to the Local user Id, such as PC. For other platforms, SetLocalUserId must be called at runtime with the id of a logged-in user.