Multi-Position Audio Component

The Multi-Position Audio Component helps to create sounds that emanate from multiple locations. For example a sound that covers an area, like a river, should use this component. Any sounds that have multiple instances should also use this component, as it does help to reduce resources.

The Multi-Position Audio component pane in the O3DE Editor.

Multi-Position Audio Properties

Entity ReferencesA list of entities whose world positions will be used as the sound’s multiple positions.<Empty>
Behavior TypeA drop-down selection, the options are ‘Separate’ or ‘Blended’. Separate means that the sound positions will be treated as if they were individual point source sounds. Blended means the positions will be treated as if they are one sound covering an area.Separate

EBus Request Bus Interface

Use the following request functions with the EBus interface to communicate with other components of your game.

For more information about using the Event Bus (EBus) interface, see Working with the Event Bus (EBus) system.

NameDescriptionParametersReturnScriptableLua enum bindings
AddEntityAdds an Entity to the list, whose position will be used in the multi-position audio.entityId - EntityIdNoneYesN/A
RemoveEntityRemoves an Entity from the list, and its position will be removed from the multi-position audio.entityId - EntityIdNoneYesN/A
SetBehaviorTypeSets the Behavior Type of the multi-position audio to either be Blended or Separate.Audio::MultipositionBehaviorType - enumNoneYesMultiPositionBehaviorType_Separate, MultiPositionBehaviorType_Blended