SSAO Component

The screen-space ambient occlusion (SSAO) component approximates the occlusion of light in a scene by using the depth buffer. This occlusion is sometimes referred to as Contact Shadows.

Image of SSAO applied to the Bistro scene


Atom Gem


SSAO Component Properties

Enable SSAOIf enabled, activates SSAO. By default, SSAO is activated, even if the level does not contain an SSAO component. To deactivate SSAO, add the SSAO component and disable this property.BooleanEnabled
SSAO StrengthThe strength of the SSAO effect. The higher this value, the darker the SSAO appears.0.0 - 2.01.0
Sampling RadiusThe sampling radius of the SSAO effect in screen UV space. Decrease or increase this value to have a more local or global SSAO effect, respectively.0.0 - 0.250.05
Enable BlurIf enabled, applies a blur to the computed SSAO buffer. Activating blur results in a smoother-looking SSAO image.BooleanEnabled
Blur StrengthHow strong of a blur to apply to the SSAO. Lower values leads to a weaker blur, resulting in a sharper, noisier image.0.0 - 0.950.85
Blur SharpnessThe sharpness of the blur effect. A higher value results in a sharper-looking blur, whereas a lower value results in a softer-looking blur. SSAO blur tries to respect geometric edges to avoid smearing the SSAO across edges or objects.0.0 - 400.0200.0
Blur Edge ThresholdAn edge threshold, in which the blur ignores depth changes at the specified value. This has the most effect with smaller values.0.0 - 1.00.0
Enable DownsampleIf enabled, first downsamples the depth buffer and performs SSAO and blur on the downsampled result, then upsamples the result. This is an optimization that results in a less detailed SSAO.BooleanEnabled