The Scene Pipeline and SceneAPI

The scene pipeline is a specialized asset builder that imports source scene files and allows scene builders to export scene product assets such as models and animations.

Source APIDescribes the set of libraries, rules, and groups to process a source scene files.
Scene GraphDescribes the scene graph nodes, hierarchial data, and mechanism of iteration.
Scene ManifestContains instructions on what to do with the SceneGraph content.
Scene BuilderAsset builders that are designed to manage and export parts of the scene graph.
User Defined PropertiesA mechanism to use custom properties set in source scene files in the scene builder pipeline.
Procedural PrefabUse Python to process prefab assets from scene source files.

The following diagram shows the scene pipeline flow:

Scene pipeline flow.

In the preceding diagram:

  • The yellow outlined shapes are asset builder events
  • The blue outlined shapes are scene builder events using BindCall()
  • The green outlined shapes are scene builder events via the Behavior Component