Asset Processor Settings

The Asset Processor and Asset Processor Batch expose a number of commandline settings that can be used when manually launching.

For example, if you want to manually launch Asset Processor on Windows but delay launch to attach a debugger:

AssetProcessor --project-path="C:/o3de/o3de/AutomatedTesting" --engine-path="C:/o3de/o3de" --waitOnLaunch

General settings

When manually launching Asset Processor or Asset Processor Batch you can set the following general properties:

SettingDescriptionDefault value
project-nameName of the current project.The project name associated with the passed project-path.
project-cache-pathFull path to the project cache folder.The cache path associated with the passed project-path.
project-pathSupplies the path to the project that the Asset Processor should use (required).
engine-pathSupplies the engine path to the engine.The engine path associated with the passed project-path.

Advanced settings

You can also control the behavior using the following command line options. See also configuration for details on Asset Processor configuration settings.

SettingDescriptionDefault value
acceptInputEnable external control messaging via the ControlRequestHandler, used with automated tests.
additionalScanFoldersUsed with dependencyScanPattern to farther filter the scan.
debugOutputWhen enabled, builders that support it will output debug information as product assets. Used primarily with scene files.
dependencyScanMaxIterationUsed to limit the number of recursive searches per line when running dependencyScanPattern.800
dependencyScanPattern (dsp)Scans assets that match the given pattern for missing product dependencies.
enableQueryLoggingEnables logging database queries.
fileDependencyScanPattern (fsp)Used with dependencyScanPattern to further filter the scan.
help (h)Displays all available commands and their description.
sortJobsByDBSourceNameWhen enabled, sorts pending jobs with equal priority and dependencies by database source name instead of job ID. Useful for automated tests to process assets in the same order each time.
truncatefingerprintTruncates the fingerprint used for processed assets. Useful if you plan to compress product assets to share on another machine because some compression formats like zip will truncate file mod timestamps.
waitOnLaunchBriefly pauses Asset Processor during initialization. Waits for 20 seconds when true. Useful if you want to attach a debugger.false
warningLevelConfigure the error and warning reporting level for AssetProcessor. 0 Default, 1 for fatal errors, 2 for fatal errors and warnings.Defaults to 0.
zeroAnalysisModeUse file modification time when examining source assets for processing.Asset Processor defaults to true, and can be changed in Asset Processor’s UI. Asset Processor Batch defaults to false.

Please note that AssetProcessor and Asset Processor Batch may have different defaults.