The Asset Pipeline and Asset Processing

Topics in this section cover the Asset Pipeline and asset processing, including what source assets are, how they are discovered and tracked, and how they are processed into runtime optimized product assets. There are also guides for Asset Processor, which manages the Asset Pipeline, as well as the Scene Settings and Texture Settings tools, that customize source asset processing. The final guide explains how to create custom Asset Builders with Python Asset Builder.

Topic AreaDescription
Asset PipelineThe Asset Pipeline is the end-to-end process that transforms source assets into runtime optimized product assets.
Scene PipelineThe scene pipeline is a specialized asset builder that imports source scene files and allows scene builders to export scene product assets such as models and animations.
Asset ProcessorAsset Processor discovers source assets, manages asset process jobs, and maintains the Asset Cache.
Scene Source AssetsInformation and best practices for creating assets. These topics include details on how to use Scene Settings to customize how meshes, actors, motions, and PhysX colliders are processed.
Texture SettingsWith Texture Settings, you can customize how source image assets are processed.
Python Asset BuilderWith Python Asset Builder, you can create custom Asset Builders for known file types.
Asset TypesThis table lists O3DE’s supported source asset types and the product assets they generate.
Runtime Asset SystemInformation about using and working with the runtime asset system.