Open 3D Engine Log Files

Find these common Open 3D Engine (O3DE) log files in the following locations:

Log typeLocation
Asset Processor job logs<PROJECT_ROOT>/user/log/JobLogs
CMake build logs<BUILD_DIR>/CMakeFiles/CMakeOutput.log
O3DE Editor logs and dumps
(also used by other O3DE applications)
When project-path is set: <PROJECT_ROOT>/user/log
When project-path is not set: <ENGINE_ROOT>/user/log
Project Manager logs<USER>/.o3de/Logs/O3DE.log
DirectX12 Device Removed Reports logs<USER>/.o3de/Logs/DRED/DRED_<TIMESTAMP>.log
Event logs with the .azel extension can be read using the TraceViewer script: <ENGINE_ROOT>/Tools/EventLogTools/