Archived Release Notes for Open 3D Engine (O3DE)

Looking for older versions of release notes for Open 3D Engine (O3DE)? Look no further!

VersionLinkDate of Release Release Notes10/9/2023 Release Notes5/3/2023 Release Notes10/17/2022 Release Notes5/12/2022
2111.22111.2 Release Notes1/27/2022
2111.12111.1 Release Notes12/2/2021
2107.12107.1 Release Notes7/6/2021

With version 22.05.0, the versioning release scheme changed. Binary installers now share a version with source, and the friendly name has been removed.

For earlier releases: Source versions use the XXXX.Y numbering model. Binary releases use XX.XX FriendlyName names, where the decimal place is moved to the left by two values from the original source code version.