Create Terrain from Images

Terrain in Open 3D Engine (O3DE) is generated from gradients. Gradients, in the context of this tutorial, represent changes in elevation and weight masks for materials. Gradients can be generated procedurally or processed from an image. In this tutorial, you’ll create terrain elevation and apply detail materials using image gradients, and add support for PhysX simulations with a heightfield collider and physics materials.

This tutorial requires that you have the Terrain, Gradient Signal, Landscape Canvas, and PhysX Gems enabled in your project.

The final level will look like this:

The tutorial is split into several parts to make it easier to refer back to individual sections.

Create a Terrain-Ready LevelCreate a new level for O3DE that is ready for authoring terrain.
Create Terrain AssetsCreate the terrain assets needed for this tutorial.
Create Terrain ShapeCreate the overall shape of the terrain in the level.
Texture the TerrainAdd color and surface types to the terrain.
Physicalize the TerrainPhysicalize the terrain by adding a physics collider.
Experiment FurtherExperiment with the created terrain.