Create a Simple Pong Game with O3DE

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N/A2 HoursVisual scripting, UIO3DE 23.10.3. April 28, 2024

This topic contains video tutorials that will guide you through creating a Pong game in Open 3D Engine (O3DE), from creating a new project to defining gameplay state and user interface elements.

Video Tutorial Series: Create the Pong Game with O3DE

Games, as conventional wisdom goes, started with Pong. Your experience with O3DE can start with Pong, too! Let AWS Game Tech’s technical trainer, Alex Damarjian, guide you through learning the basics of O3DE game development with this series, while letting you relive history with a modern game engine and tools.

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Pong Project and Level Creation

Creating the Game Start Menu

Scripting the Game Start Menu

Creating the Pong Level Assets

Scripting Player (Paddle) Movement and Controls

Implementing a Simple Game State Machine

Scripting Ball Movement and Behaviors

Creating the “Game Over” User Interface