Open 3D Engine (O3DE) Tutorials and Examples

This guide contains video tutorials, written step-by-step tutorials, and sample documentation that teach you the concepts, features, and tools of Open 3D Engine (O3DE).

Video TutorialsThese video tutorials cover all the topics you need to get started, including an overview of O3DE, instructions on installing O3DE, building O3DE from source, and creating projects. It also introduces important features and key systems such as the Editor, the modular Gem system, networking, the visual scripting environment, and O3DE’s integrated renderer, Atom.
TutorialsThese written tutorials are grouped by concept and focus on specific features, tools, and processes.
SamplesThese topics cover sample projects and sample Gems available for O3DE.

Video Tutorials

What is O3DE?

Installing O3DE for Windows

Creating Projects Using Project Manager

Setting up O3DE from GitHub

Creating Projects Using the Command Line

O3DE Developer Overview

Atom Renderer

O3DE Networking Overview

AWS Gems in O3DE

O3DE Editor Tour

O3DE Script Canvas Overview

Contributing to O3DE Documentation