Automated Review Integration

The integration of the TIAF native and Python runtimes into O3DE’s Automated Review (AR) is handled by a set of Python scripts that can be found here . The driver script,, is invoked by Jenkins with the arguments specified by command line options. This script invokes the appropriate TestImpact class that in turn invokes the appropriate runtime executable with the given arguments. To debug the TIAF AR scripts, see the section How do I reproduce a TIAF AR run locally?.

AR Integration Diagram

Below is a simplified diagram of the TIAF AR scripts and how they integrate into AR. As you can see, Jenkins invokes the TIAF driver script and returns a return code (0 for success, otherwise failures). Output regarding test failures, failures to launch test targets, and any other failures is outputted to the console. For more information about the return codes returned by the runtimes, see the section Runtime return codes.

flowchart TD Jenkins -->|Script arguments| Driver[TIAF Driver Script] Driver -->|Runtime and persistent storage configuration| TestImpactClass[Specialized TestImpact Class] TestImpactClass -->|Runtime arguments| Runtime Runtime -->|Test sequence result and report| TestImpactClass TestImpactClass -->|Test run and coverage data| PersistentStorage TestImpactClass -->|Report and runtime return code| Driver Driver -->|Report| ReportStorage[MARS Report Storage] Driver -->|Runtime return code| Jenkins