Contributing to O3DE Documentation

Welcome to Open 3D Engine (O3DE) documentation!

O3DE documentation is driven by contributors like you. Whether you want to report an issue, document a feature, provide a tutorial, or join the O3DE Documentation and Community Special Interest Group (SIG-Docs-Community), this guide will provide you the information you need. Your participation is critical. Large or small, your contributions chart the course of O3DE documentation.

Becoming a contributor

Although there are many avenues for discussion with O3DE users and contributors, all official communication regarding O3DE docs is done through pull requests (PRs) and issues in the o3de/ GitHub repository .

O3DE welcomes feedback, suggestions, and improvements from all, no matter their level of experience. To learn how you can be an inclusive contributor, see the O3DE Code of Conduct.

Wondering where to start? The conveniently titled Get Started topic provides an overview of the O3DE docs contribution process, as well as guidance on the best ways to start as a contributor.

OverviewA high-level overview of the O3DE docs contribution process.
Get StartedLearn how to set up your local repo, set up your writing environment, and submit docs.
Work with IssuesHow to create and work with issues in the O3DE docs project.
O3DE Docs StructureNeed guidance on navigating the repository? This map will help.
Docs Contribution RunbookGet the Git commands for the basic workflow.
Style GuideThe fine details on how to consistently format and style docs for O3DE.
TerminologyO3DE has many specialized terms, and a handful of terms that you shouldn’t use.
Blog Post SubmissionHave a blog post that you’d like to see featured on Learn how to go through our submission and approval process.
Work with HugoLearn to work with Hugo, the static site generator for O3DE docs.
Templates for O3DE DocumentationDownload templates and follow supplemental guidelines for writing O3DE documentation.
O3DE Documentation and Community Special Interest Group The hub of the O3DE Documentation and Community Special Interest Group (D&C SIG), the governing body for O3DE docs.