Contributor Guide for Open 3D Engine

Have you ever wanted to contribute to an open-source 3D development engine?

This guide will help you understand the overall organization of the Open 3D Engine (O3DE) project, and direct you to the best places to get started contributing to the code and documentation. You’ll be able to pick up issues, write code to fix them, and get your work reviewed and merged.

RoadmapsStay up-to-date with the latest development updates and find out what’s coming next in the O3DE roadmaps.
Contribute to O3DE CodeLearn how to contribute to O3DE’s codebase.
Contribute to O3DE DocumentationLearn how to contribute to O3DE’s technical documentation.
Contribute to O3DE SecurityLearn how to keep O3DE secure.
Versioning and Release TerminologyUnderstand the code and binary package versioning format and release terminology.
Code of ConductLearn what our expectations for community engagement are.
Open 3D Foundation Community Values Learn about the type of open source culture we’d like to foster.