Contrast Adaptive Sharpening

Contrast adaptive sharpening (CAS) is an image-sharpening technique that takes into account the local 3x3 neighborhood’s contrast when deciding how much to sharpen. High-contrast samples are sharpened much less than low-contrast samples. This helps prevent the over-sharpened look that is found in standard sharpening filters that sharpen uniformly. You can use CAS with temporal anti-aliasing (TAA) to reduce the softness that TAA introduces to your image. For more information, refer to Temporal Anti-aliasing.

CAS in Atom Renderer is based on AMD’s implementation. For more information, refer to AMD FidelityFX CAS .


m_strengthControls the strength of the sharpening effect.0.0 to 1.00.25

Using CAS

You can enable ContrastAdaptiveSharpening.pass in the main render pipeline through the parent pass, PostProcessParent.pass. By default, CAS is disabled. To enable it, set Enabled to true in the parent pass.

You can also add ContrastAdaptiveSharpening.pass to a custom pipeline.

To use CAS with TAA to improve the quality of your image, run the ContrastAdaptiveSharpening.pass after the Taa.pass.